Our Class Story!

Year 4,

I love our new reading book and can’t wait for story time each day. Now I am feeling curious about Theo and the mysterious letter. What do you think will happen next? Post your comments below.

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  1. 1

    I don’t know this book but looking at the cover is it a fairy story? Myth? Legend?

  2. 3

    amara said,

    I am really enjoying fergus crane its really fun!

  3. 4

    amara said,

    The sad thing is that fergus is poor but then this letter comes and he signs it and the note came and said FERGUS CRANE YOUR IN BIG TROUBLE…!

  4. 5

    Aniq &Yasir said,

    Fergus Crane is a story book of a boy called, Fergus Crane. I enjoyed it alot so far, We are on page 69 now.

  5. 6

    Aneesha & Zuzanna said,

    Fergus crane is a really fun story and I enjoy it.

  6. 7

    Aniq &Yasir said,

    Fergus crane is a exiting book the boys name is Fergus crane.

  7. 8

    Anouska said,

    The floranitine in the book sounds yummy it makes my mouth water thinking about!

  8. 10

    karolina said,

    hello year 4 i am now in year 5 i read this book to it is amzing isent it

  9. 11

    sabah said,

    Hi everyone Year 4 is sooo fun!!! and i wish i was there with you guys!!! 🙂 and that books sounds amazing!!!

  10. 12

    Aaminah said,

    this book i so exciting i wonder what happens next

  11. 13

    jayden said,

    its intresting!!

  12. 14

    amoy said,

    The saddest thng about fergus crane is that he canno’t find his dad and his uncle sent him a letter and it said you are in great danger i am bringin you help. So I am going to find out what happens next.

  13. 16

    obaid said,

    This book is exciting beacause we read it every day and every time exciting and exciting

  14. 17

    obaid said,

    the sad thing is that ferugus is in danger

  15. 18

    cashyila said,

    i think that the story is verry good because i like that the boy has a verry good part

  16. 19

    kiran said,

    i am really enjoying fe

  17. 20

    kiran said,

    I am really enjoying fergus crane

  18. 21

    mike said,

    fergus crane is epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 22

    Fozia Sultana said,

    I want to know what happens quickly. Florintines sounds discusting.

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