We have become experts at similes and personification but we need to keep learning about metaphors…

Get researching and find and blog as many metaphors as you can…

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    sabah said,

    What are similes and personification?

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      zeba said,

      Hi Sabah I hope you are well and settled in your new home.
      I am learning about similes and metaphors. How is your new school? I miss you & my mum says Hi,
      Come and see me.
      I am entering a writing competition about fun food////=

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    Mrs Daniels said,

    It’s raining cats and dogs.

    Remember metaphors don’t use as or like.

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    Mrs Daniels said,

    Hello Sabah! It is fantastic to hear from you. I hope you are ok and happy.

    We are writing poems at the moment and we are learning to use figurative language to describe.

    Whenever you describe something by comparing it with something else, you are using figurative language.

    A simile uses the words “like” or “as”
    to compare one object or idea with another to suggest they are alike.
    Example: busy as a bee.

    The metaphor states a fact or draws a verbal picture by the use of comparison.
    A simile would say you are like something; a metaphor is more positive – it says you are something.
    Example: You are what you eat. The apple of my eye. He has the heart of a lion. You are driving me up the wall.

    A figure of speech in which human characteristics are given
    to an animal or an object. Example: My teddy bear gave me a hug.

    I hope this helps Sabah. On Monday we are going to be posting our poems, you could steal some ideas and write your own.

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    Kiran said,

    The city was laughing.

  5. 8

    bradley said,

    it was realy nice to her abot the wonderfull learning about metaphors please post some more so i can use some fantastic learning

  6. 9

    vanita said,

    Here are some exampels
    I am on fire.
    Your on the ball.

  7. 10

    Jai said,

    Here are some examples:

    Pull your socks up.
    Jumping with joy.
    It’s raining cats and dogs.
    A laugh in a sea of sadness.

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