Writing Competition!!


Next week in Writer’s Workshop you are going to be writing a letter to enter this competition. Have a look and start collecting ideas now…..

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  1. 1

    samangul said,

    what competishion?

  2. 2

    vanita said,

    Cant do it broke my wrist.

  3. 5

    zeba said,

    I am really excited about the writing competition,
    I hope i win so I am going to try my BEST!

  4. 6

    aneesha said,

    it was really fun!!!

  5. 7

    vanita said,

    I am going to do mine to Jls and jjbird (Jjbird is Aston’s best friend.

  6. 8

    yousuf said,

    I love learning because we get to find our question we wanted to anwer.
    In y3……..

  7. 9

    Nathan said,

    Im going to do mine to David Cameroe.

    10 downing street.


  8. 10

    jada said,

    The competiton is so exiting i did mine to Selina Gomez ! I hope I win!

  9. 11

    Aaminah said,

    i cant wait till we send the letters i did my letter to jennifer lopez

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