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Over the last couple of weeks, year 4 have been exploring metaphors and similes in order to create our own poems. Here are a few we would like to share with you.

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  1. 1

    Anouska said,

    As the children start to arrive,
    The play ground fills you can’t believe your
    Eyes and ears,
    It’s like a Saturday in town,
    It’s just so crowded.

    Into the classroom as quiet as a mouse,
    As lessons begin it’s like nobody is there,
    As soon as it is lunch time it is like a JLS concert.

    Another bell rings and everybody freezes.
    It rings again some naughty children are still running they get stopped.

  2. 2

    kiran said,

    When the school gates open the children run rapidly
    Rushing towards the bright green door.
    Going to their wonderful classes to their lessons.
    I love topic it’s the best it always makes me have a rest.
    Different rainbow lunch box’s makes my mouth water

  3. 3

    Lina said,

    Our school is as old as my grandma.
    Its as noisy as a parrot squawking.
    The school is as cozy as a cushion.
    The bell is as loud as a playground full of children.
    The wall boards are as bright as the sun.
    Everybody is rushing to school.
    The playground is like a beehive buzzing with busy bees.

  4. 4

    Danae said,

    Dramatic School
    Walking to school takes some time.
    When you enter the gate .
    The children on the school play ground scream and yell all the time,
    But then the bell rings,
    Everyone charges inside like angry bulls.

    As soon as the parents leave,
    In the middle of the lesson the fire bell starts to loudly ring.
    That’s the time the school becomes dramatic,
    The entire school rushes outdoors,
    Teachers panicking and children being curious.

    And some people don’t even know what is going on,
    So they chitter chatter like the weather lady on TV.

  5. 5

    Mustafaa said,

    The chattering travels through corridors like loud noisy echoes,
    The super fast air breathes through our collossal school, making our bones shiver.
    The corridors twist like a gigantic train track
    The children dashing to school like a stampede.
    The amazing colourful games outside telling us to play on them.
    The creeking floorboards follow me around school.

  6. 6

    Sofina said,

    Rushing into the playground igloo,
    Ready to learn straight away.
    I rush inside it’s like a concert,
    I’m on fire I must be inspired.

    Stickers on a line on my jumper as long as a skipping rope.
    Children charging ready for break,
    Lots of noise, screaming and shouting.
    Then the bell rings it sounds like Big Ben ringing.

    The school is a roundabout back to the classroom, suddenly it goes silent.
    Quiet like a mice more learning to go.
    Last bell rings time to go home looking for my mum I go,
    It’s as crowded as can be.

  7. 7

    Dawud said,

    The bell is as loud as Big Ben.
    The hall is as cold as the North Pole.
    The school is like a roundabout.
    If you play the piano, it is as sweet as a little girl singing.

  8. 8

    sabah said,

    Cool poems I like all of them!!!!!

  9. 9

    Jai said,

    These poems are fantastic well done year 4. My favourite one is Sofina’s poem but all the others, are just as good!

  10. 10

    Aaminah said,

    Today I saw the school laughing
    Today I saw the school laughing
    Classrooms enjoying their playtime from children and teachers
    Computers buzzing off and on

    Today I saw the playground freezing
    Freezing cold like an igloo
    Trying to break through while cold

    Today I saw the hall talking
    Mysterious cuboard echoing keep out
    While people cant hear because of laughing
    By Aaminah

    • 11

      aaminah mum said,

      wow aaminah that is a great piece of work…….very inspiring young lady…
      …………………..aaminah mummy x

  11. 12

    Amara said,

    Today I saw my School breathing
    Today I saw my school breathing,
    Great gusts of wind charging in and out.
    Today I saw my teacher chatting about how her classroom was so messy and
    How the children should clean it up!

    Today I saw teachers in the staffroom sipping away at their cups of tea while I heard teas and kettles bubble and shout.
    Today I saw children stomp up and down the stairs like a herd of elephants that came to destroy are school.

    Today I saw my school crying, all the children wailed as their teacher started maths. So did the classroom because the children would make loads of noise.

    Today I saw the teachers smiling happy to get away from their class and order a pizza.
    By Amara

  12. 13

    Aneesha said,

    Today I saw my school breathing
    Today I saw my school breathing,
    Corridors sway around
    Like cars on streets.
    Tremendous teachers surrounding us,
    Maybe with yummy treats!

    Today I saw my teachers laughing,
    Great gusts of joyful happyness.
    Bouncing and playing around,
    But children
    Not making a sound.

    Today I saw my school crying,
    Weeping for children to enter
    As people
    Walk on the dusty floors,
    They creak in the
    By Aneesha

  13. 14

    Jed said,

    Last Night I SAW my SHcOOL BREATHING



    By Haven

  14. 15

    Sian said,

    Yesterday I saw the school the school breathing.

    Yesterday I saw the school breathing,
    Gusts of wind.
    Make doors angry,
    To their toes.

    Yesterday I saw the school weeping,
    Taps ran.
    Crying ,cracked, crumbled windows,
    Embarrassed them self in front of tall, high buildings.

    Yesterday I saw the school laughing,
    Toilets damaged their lids.
    Classrooms quickly used their time,
    By drawing on the walls.

    Yesterday I saw the school dancing,
    Papers flapped their corners.
    Corridors wiggle,
    Doors have great fun.

    By Sian

  15. 16

    Simran said,

    Today I saw my school breathing
    Today I saw my school breathing
    The wind dancing through the school
    Waving through in
    And out

    Today I saw my classrooms dancing
    Waiting for their freedom from the children
    Waving and whispering until
    There here

    Today I saw my teachers stamping
    Surrounding us with their lessons
    Bouncing, booming and bursting
    Up with there teachness

    Today I saw my play ground screaming
    Dancing in the cold cool air waiting
    For more children to come
    Waving and swooshing together

    By Simran

  16. 17

    Yasir said,

    Today I saw my school breathing.
    Today I saw my school breathing,
    Students and teachers
    Puffing in and
    Rushing out.

    Today I saw the teachers laughing,
    Bouncing, bursting and shouting,
    Looks like giganotosaurus after play
    Waiting for runners to start walking by.

    Yesterday I saw my classroom crying,
    Waiting for the students to come by
    Because they think we are their friends.
    Yesterday I saw the head teachers’ office, slowly breathing,
    Little amounts of teachers,
    Walking in and
    Drifting out,
    Miss Haywood, sending orders.
    By Yasir

  17. 18

    Obaid said,

    Today I saw my school breathing
    Today I saw my school breathing the wind gasping
    Children laughing out loud. today I saw The Teachers
    Laughing like the wind

    Today I saw the classrooms crying and shouting out loud
    Even the teachers crying. Today Isaw the teachers crying
    Booming and bursting and bouncing up and down
    Like a t-rex in the corridor

    Today I saw my school talking like giants roaring.
    And some body shouting and crying

    Today I saw the children bursting out questions
    And their minds working like machines .
    By obaid

  18. 19

    Zuzanna said,

    Today I saw my School Crying
    Today I saw my school crying
    Crackling windows split there sides
    Gueorgoes plants being ripped by mucky,irritable nursery.

    Today I saw my school laghing.
    Tears of
    Joy spitted out
    Joyful teachers meandering around the petit corridors.

    Today I saw my school talking
    Blank cupboards swiftly open there big mouths.

    Today I saw my school dancing
    DJ BOO BOO played 20 bubly songs
    Guided reading became guide merry dancing.

    By Zuzanna

  19. 20

    Tracey B said,

    Wow – what an amazing collection of poems like jewels sparkling in a treasure chest – you should be very proud of yourselves.

  20. 21

    amara said,

    Wow I think everybody`s poem is AMAZING!

  21. 22

    zuzanna said,

    I love my poem it is so funny and good I hope that over people like it too.

  22. 23

    zuzanna said,

    I wish I did it earlier and made it better

  23. 24

    Niamh said,

    VERY GOOD! I like all of these poems. What are these poems called?

  24. 25

    Meharpal said,

    The play ground was a riot

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