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In science today we were learning about insulators and conductors furthermore, we investigated what conductors and insulators are! We used blue tac, pencils, pencil crayons, rulers, paper clips, scissors, marbles and paper to find out if they were insulators or conductors!

Do you like science?

Can you tell me which objects are conductors or insulators?

By Yasir

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  1. 1

    sabah said,

    Wow!!! science looks fun!

    • 2

      Mrs Daniels said,

      It was great fun Sabah and I know you would have loved it too. The whole class tells me when you blog and it makes everyone smile. How is your new school?

  2. 3

    mya rose said,

    i think is fun

  3. 4

    jada said,

    that science lesson was awesome , we tryed putting paper and things between our circuit but they were all insilators.

  4. 5

    mustafaa said,

    That’s realy cool.

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