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Numeracy for Sandip

Sandip always asks me to add websites to the Blog so here goes!

In Numeracy this week we have been learning about polygons and how to sort them. Here are some photographs of our sorting.

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Now use these websites and Mathletics to keep learning and use your progress learning power…

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Our Electrical Games

We now know what switched on means! It has been a challenge to research, investigate circuits, plan, design, build, adapt, join and finally play our electrical games. We all became the photographers today so here is a selection of our photographs and games.

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4D tell everyone about your game and how to play it. Furthermore, which learning powers did you use and how?

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We are learning really!

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Year 4 all we have been doing is working on the Netbooks! It’s been a lot of fun but what have been learning to do and why?

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What skills would you need to learn to do this?

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My Amazing Homework by Amara

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At home I decided to make a map inspired by our class story Fergus Crane. I made the Fire Diamond Volcano with my Mum’s help. Mrs Daniels’ was so impressed I dedcided to make it into my electrical game. I feel really proud of it!

Have a look at the photogrpahs and let me know what you think…

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Numeracy Dictionary

Miss Thomas found this amazing dictionary for Numeracy/mathematics. It will help you to understand any new words we learn about in class or when you are using Mathletics.

Have a look and let me know what you think? …

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Polygon Art

Have fun with this polygon game and share some of your ideas with the rest of Year 4…

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