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Persuasive adverts by Saadh and Habibah

In my dad’s shop we sell burgers, chips, chicken and more. We don’t sell pizza but we used to. We sell lots of scrumptious food that people might like to eat. If you come to my shop I’m sure you will love the choice of food that we offer. Please feel free to visit my shop. You might just be tempted to have a bite. You will find my shop in West Bromwich. We also have a selection of cold drinks that you can buy to go with your meal. Eg: Ribena, Apple Tango, Pineapple Soda, coke and many more to choose from. We are open everyday from 11:00 till 1:00am. All of these things are making me want to eat at Habibah’s dad’s shop.

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This is our new class Blog

Click on the link:

Please use this from now on.

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Numeracy by Hamza and Jada

In Numeracy today we leant what a protractor is. A protractor is a kind of ruler that you use for measuring and it looks like a semi circle. We had to make a poster and learn about acute angles and obtuse angles. We had to find out how a right angle, acute and obtuse angle was differnt. We also had to think about North, East, South and West and to think about rhymes to keep them in our heads. We had to turn to make different angles.

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Literacy by Obaid and Simran

In Literacy today we learnt about persuasive texts and we had to write things that we think that persuade us into changing our minds to buy it or get it. We had to work in groups to come up with ideas and we went around stealing from other people. Then we came up with loads of ideas together for example video games and bored games.

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Role Play by Aneesha and Zeba


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Our new role play it is called chewy chocolate & scrumptious sweet shop. There are lots of different types of chocolate and sweets. It is really fun and exiting but it is linked to maths as well. We use the role play in guided reading and golden time. We used the weighing scales to weigh the sweets in grams. The sweets that we have are rock, candy sticks, toffee and fudge, midget gems, boiled sweets and make your own sweet necklace but they are NOT really real. Also we brought sweet rappers and stuck them on the wall we can’t wait till next week.
BY Aneesha & Zeba.

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We should have the pencil because… (by Nathan and Tetiana).

Yesterday in literacy we worked in our talk trios to persuade Miss Pereira to win the glimmering, shimmering pencils. Yesterday our filmers where Chetan, Saadh and Merharpal. They were fantastic filmers because they held the camera as still as a statue. We had to use three magic connectives they were therefore, because and furthermore. As a result we all managed to use them. Our winners were… Lina, Justin and Sawaira because they were fantastic.

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Literacy by Mike and Amara

In literacy today the class had to try persuade Mrs Daniels to win a special Bearwood pencil. There was a choice of colour rosy red, gross green and Bearwood blue. We had to use the following words therefore, because and furthermore. The class went to find there talk trio and write their persuasive script to win a special Bearwood pencil. When every body was finished we had to perform our script to persuade Mrs Daniels to think that you deserve the pencil. Some body had to film every body`s script which was Mike! At the end when the last group was finished Mrs Daniels revealed the votes. First she called out a lot of people`s names but she had a final result and her final two groups were…Zuzanna and Shammah, Simran, Amaan and Jada.

Watch the videos… Which group would you have picked?

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How does Dynamo do this?

Over the half term I discovered a magician called Dynamo. I am speechless as to how amazing his illusions are! How do you think he manages to walk on water?

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Writers Workshop

On Friday you will imagine you are Fergus Crane and write what happens next after you received this letter! Think creative and plan your story with someone at home. Show off your writing skills.

Blog some of your ideas here…

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Letters to Mark Jones

Dear Mark Jones,

We hope you are still reading our Blog and many thanks for your email. It was fantastic to receive an email from you and all of Year 4 have emailed you back. Mrs Hadley has your email address but we decided to post the letters for you to read.

We would love to here from you again.

Your sincerely

Year 4

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