Last Night I Saw The City Breathing

We have been studying poetry this week, looking at how to create imagery. Today we responded to the poem ‘Last Night I Saw The City Breathing’ by Andrew Fusek Peters. The children produced some really excellent art inspired by the poem.

Later in the week you will be performing some of the poems we have read this week.

Tell somebody at home what ‘personification’ is. Point out the examples of personification in the poem posted here.

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  1. 1

    Mya said,

    I loved doing that poem and i learnt a word called pasonification

  2. 2

    Can you remember what it means Mya? It is spelled ‘personification’.

  3. 3

    karolina said,

    i loved that work and know i kow what personification means (it means that something is pretending to be a human to be alive)

  4. 5

    mya said,

    Yes I think thats how its spelt and personification means that something that isn’t alive is described as if it had human characteristics. For example: the wind whispered through the trees.

  5. 7

    bismah mumtaz said,

    I loved reading the poems because I learnt lots of new words like personifacation, simile and lots more. It was really fun doing these lessons!!!!!!!

  6. 8

    Khushi said,

    i love doing this poem, we rewrote it and our teacher picked 3 children to show it to the headteacher and one of them was me!

  7. 9

    Khushi said,

    i also learnt two new things similes and metaphores

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